Spa fancy: Myra & Co.

Brittany Jean, 13, enjoys her special afternoon of pizza and pampering at Myra & Co. Photo: Marcie Cohn Band.

The lowdown: Myra Porter opened her first hair salon and spa in 1979 in a little house that sat on what is now the parking lot behind her current spa. She was 21 at the time. Porter eventually went to law school. She liked cosmetology better. “It’s called transformation,” said Porter, who was raised in Miami by Irish parents who arrived via the RMS Queen Mary.

More recently, Porter opened what she calls a “movement center” next door with Pilates machines and state-of-the-art, vibrating Power Plates machines, said to dramatically increase strength. Shaquille O’Neal has said he uses a Power Plate before games. There’s also a cellphone-free zone and an on-site chef whose lunches are so tasty, some people stop by just for take-away.

The vibe: Homey, comfy, friendly. The relaxed nature of this spa makes it feel a little like Myra’s living room, right down to the antique clock.

The highlights: The Apiderm Imperfection Correction treatment is a laser session to remove skin tags or stubborn pores, at $3 a minute for 10 minutes minimum; an Oatmeal Blueberry Body Buff for sensitive, irritated skin is $75 for 30 minutes, or $65 when added to a massage; the Head-to-Toe treatment combines a spa facial
with a manicure and pedicure, $175 for two hours.

Myra & Co., 7313 SW 59th Ct., South Miami; 305-661-2381

Published: 7/08


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