South Florida Dragon Boat Festival

Photo: Eileen Soler

The United Chinese Association of Florida hosts an Asian cultural festival that culminates in a dragon boat race, where teams with 17-25 members try to outpaddle each other to the beat of Chinese drums.

Kids will enjoy games, face-painting, kites and dragon boat drawing contests and other fun activities in the Kids Dragon Playground. Here are the top five things to do at this celebration of Chinese culture.

1. Egg roll eating contest

You know you love them, but just how many egg rolls can you scarf down? Find the answer at this competitive feeding frenzy.

2. Live entertainment

Check out the colorful Chinese Lion Dance and the jaw-dropping Kung Fu demonstration, sensual Middle Eastern belly dancing, other international musical performances.

3. International food

Enjoy a bounty of Asian delicacies as well as local favorites.

4. Dragon Boat races

The tradition, which dates back to the fourth century B.C. celebrates an act of heroic defiance by poet Qu Yuan, who threw himself into the Mi Lo River out of frustration with local politics. Local fisherman raced to their boats to save him, but arrived too late.  The re-enactment of the villagers racing out to save Qu Yuan has become today’s dragon boat race festival.


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