Something smells good from Kiehl's

Can’t get out to the beach or inhale anything natural since you’re stuck indoors? Head to Kiehl’s, which has come out this month with some awesome new unique fragrances called Aromatic BlendsTM: The combinations are so nifty for your nose, like Orange Flower and Lychee, Vanilla and Cedarwood, Nashi Blossom & Pink Grapefruit and Fig Leaf and Sage. Where did they come up with this stuff? Kiehl’s scentmakers (OK chemists) went over to the lush countryside of Provence, a desert oasis in Morocco, the dense jungle of Uganda and tranquil gardens of Japan, that’s where. Fun job, to travel the world in search of the most naturally amazing ingredients. The new line includes a pure and sensual fragrance crafted with a focus on the quality of two key scents (from $40); a Skin-Softening Body Lotion, which was inspired by the brand’s iconic Crème de Corps, and delivers 24 hours of hydration ($26); and a super foamy Skin-Softening Body Cleanser, made without sulfates to make you the ultimate softie ($24).


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