Smile for the camera

What do you get when you mix a mysterious movie crew, a surprise engagement and a bunch of well-dressed socialites?

That’s what partygoers were wondering last weekend at a benefit for Well Done, a locally grown indie flick written by longtime friends Adam Chefitz and Zachary Weil.

As the elegantly dressed entered the Gable Estates home of Alan Potamkin they were asked to sign a waiver allowing the camera crews to film them mingling, making new friends and getting down on the dance floor.

Few knew the $100 price tag to get into the party also meant they’d be movie extras.  “The guests seemed pretty mystified,’’ Chefitz said. “A lot of the people who showed up had no idea they were going to be on camera.’’

The benefit, which raised more than $10,000 for the movie, featured live music by cover band In 4 Life and catered munchies by Escopazzo, Drunken Chefs and Stella’s Sweet Shoppe.

The camera crews weren’t the only surprise of the night. Weil shocked the crowd when his proposed to his girlfriend of two years.

Camera shots from the intimate soiree (which had an attendance of about 125 people) will be edited into scenes where the main character crashes a glamorous bash.

 As for the rest of the flick, don’t expect glitz and velvet ropes a la South Beach. Think more dive bars and bar food.

 “The movie reveals a different side of Miami,” Chefitz said. “One you don’t typically see.’’


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