Smash & Grab Fundraiser at Locust Projects returns this Saturday

Anyone who has gone to Art Basel knows that $450 may not take you very far when investing in art. Locust Projects annual Smash & Grab fundraiser makes getting your hands on works by emerging and established contemporary artists easy and rather affordable. The way the fundraiser works is that raffle ticket holders, each of whom is guaranteed one work of art, have their numbers pulled in random order for the chance to run through the Locust Projects’ space to select their preferred piece of art. The key is obviously to get your ticket pulled early on so you have your pick of the litter.

The annual event brings contemporary artists and collectors together to support Locust Projects, the not for profit art space established in 1998 that has been a haven for visual artists seeking a place to experiment and grow. This year more than 100 artists have contributed works for the raffle including Felice Grodin (pictured above, Study/Untitled (32) 2005), Sam Winston, Elizabeth Withstandley, Amy Wong, Antonia Wright and James Yorke. The proceeds provide essential funding for exhibitions and programming throughout the year at Locust Projects.

For those that can’t swing the $450 raffle ticket, spend $50 and you can still party with the artists and collectors. Even that sounds like a solid investment.