Skyy Vodka Sex and the City 2 Party

Ladies at the Sex and the City 2 party hosted by Skyy vodka

The only women wearing a pair of stilettos inside a movie theater are usually on a very lame first date. Not so if Sex and The City 2 is playing. Further confirmation that women get all dolled up to impress each other (sorry guys) is the thralls of coifed and accessorized chicas in groups of four that wait in line to get updated on the latest adventures of NYC’s fabulous foursome.

And like the ladies who generally hit the theaters donning flip flops so as to not outdress their cargo pants-wearing men, your vodka cocktails must get equally sassified to celebrate the ultimate Girl’s Night flick. Skyy Vodka hosted a cocktail soiree at Van Dyke Cafe on Lincoln Road for some of Miami’s ladies to sample their Sex and the City 2-inspired drinks before checking out the film.

My companions and I (AKA The Real Housewives of were fighting over the Samantha cocktail, the Blond Ambition, with its zesty citrus flavors mixed with Skyy Infusions Pineapple and a dash of Triple Sec and Créme de Cacao. The Carrie-inspired Glamour Gal was also a hit with the ladies who like their drinks sweet, but not saccharine, with lemon and lime mixed with a dash of sugar and créme de cassis.

The mommies, Miranda and Charlotte, show you their bold side in the Park Avenue Princess and the Red Over Heels, cocktails that are both sweet, yet complex and strong enough to have you on the floor if you don’t watch out.

Maybe one day the movies will be an event the way it is when Sex and The City 2 comes around. Perhaps there will be a future where we make a habit out of getting gussied up to sit in a movie theater that smells like popcorn butter and nacho cheese. First we will have to get our menfolk out of the cargo pants.  That will require a bit  more vodka.


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