Silowet Couture

Plumber butt, muffin-top syndrome, can’t-tuck-my-jeans-into-my-boots — if you have experienced any of these denim disasters, a jaunt to just-opened Silowet Couture is in order. As in, pronto.

Aiding in the fight against mom jeans and the like, Silowet Couture creates custom denim onsite at their Wynwood-based atelier. Founded by Miamian-by-way-of-Brooklyn Creative Director Stacy Glover, the self-taught fashion designer and entrepreneur says, “A lot of my female friends had fit issues with their jeans and I wanted to solve their problem. Here, we make bespoke denim which is made to measure and very specific to one’s fit.” Styles range from simple daywear to fashion forward treatments to statement pieces for big events. Beyond unique pieces, they ensure impeccable fit, tailored to each client’s unique, one-of-a-kind measurements.
A saunter through the impeccably organized atelier tells an inspiring story. From dressing rooms replete with stages, drawing tables and a sewing room lined with colorful spools of thread, Silowet Couture goes against the mass production and sweatshop business model and opts for a haute couture approach towards manufacturing. Its team of designers and tailors hold a high standard of quality control, with constant inspections recorded in a log to preserve integrity and authenticity. Clients’ information is securely stored on file for future orders.

So if you suffer from any denim-related dilemmas, give Silowet a try — your butt cleavage will thank you later. Promise.