Shirt Alert

Grenades, landmines, creeping — those Jersey Shore kids sure do have a knack for quirky linguistics.

Our personal fave?

The shirt-before-the-shirt concept. In a recent episode of the MTV hit, The Situation says, “We have an abundance of wife beaters we wear before we go out. Then it’s T-shirt time. Right before we go out we take off the tank and then we put on our fresh shirt.”

Lucky for Miamians, shirts are aplenty with the recent opening of Nara Camicie. Established in ’84, every shirt is made in Italy (the Jersey cast would love this tidbit) with impeccable tailoring. The new shop is located on Ocean Drive and can also be found around the globe in Milan, Tokyo, Russia and Paris.

With over 70 men and women’s styles to choose from, we have a feeling T-shirt time just got a tad easier.


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