Shine on, crazy diamond

Whether you’re recovering from a Lifetime movie-style heartbreak, playing it cool solo or with girlfriends, nothin’ boosts a gal’s ego like a trip to the diamond store — especially if lover boy fell short on your anniversary.

Victoria Casal, an adventurous Parisian jewelry designer whose psychedelic pieces include diamond-encrusted whistles, Egyptian-like medallions and oversize flower petal rings, has brought her girl-power inspired collection to The Village of Merrick Park, her first American location.

"Jewelry is like a second skin for a woman, " says Casal. "It is underwear, lingerie."

Casal’s collection is a pleasing mash-up of eclectic bracelets, lasso necklaces, earrings, dog tags and pendants with Peruvian pink opal, turquoise, mother of pearl, white, yellow and pink gold and of course, diamonds from Africa. Prices range from $350 to $40,000.

Casal ‘s designs are manufactured in her factory in Paris and draw influences from romantic, playful themes with palm trees, leaves, butterflies, whistles, keys and apples. A fairy pendant in turquoise and diamond conjures thoughts of enchantments and spells. "I didn’t want to be in the classic jewelry business, " says Casal. "I wanted to be glamorous and fashionable."

Casal also borrows inspiration from the ’70s. "I collect books from this era. I look at Mia Farrow from the set of Rosemary’s Baby, and I ask myself how I would design for that character. All women are characters of passion."

Victoria Casal Boutique is at the Village of Merrick Park, 358 San Lorenzo Ave., Store 2425, Coral Gables, 305-447-1685,


What we love: Diva pendant in turquoise, 18k yellow gold and pavé diamonds, right, $5,900
Why we love it: Add a fabulous glass of bubbly and a decadent, apple crisp dessert and the trinity is complete.

What we love: You & Me ring in turquoise, 18k yellow gold and pavé diamonds, right, $12,800 Why: Just in case there’s no "you, " just dub this piece the "It’s All About Me" ring. What: Apple ring in mother-of-pearl, 18k white gold and pavé diamonds, lower right, $1,250
Why we love it: Perfect for your little princess or your precious pinkie finger.

What we love: Large key to happiness pendent in mother-of-pearl, 18k white gold and pavé diamonds, $3,290. Small version, 18k white gold and pavé diamonds, $1,390
Why we love it: They may not unlock the mysteries of your karma, but at least you look good.


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