Second City Miami Style

By Solange Reyner

These jokes didn’t exactly make sense in Chicago (that’s where the historic improv comedy enterprise Second City is located), but they’re sure to be a hit in Miami. “The Second City Loco – El Show Mas Funny” is at the Adrienne Arsht Center from March 11 through the 28, and we caught up with funnyman – and Hialeah native – David Calderon.

  • Q: How did you break in?

David: I thought it would be tougher than it was, I thought I would have to audition to get into classes there but you can start taking classes at a beginner level [at Second City]. I took beginner classes, I took advanced classes, and then I started auditioning for stuff there.

  • Q: Did you have money in your pocket when you moved from Tallahassee (FSU alumni) to Chicago?

David: I really didn’t have much so thank goodness that my family was really supportive. My mom really encouraged me to start taking classes because I’ve known about it for a long time. I knew about it, I didn’t know I could just get into classes.

  • Q: Had you practiced improv before?

David: I really didn’t get into improv until I got to Chicago and then I learned I was really good at it so I just kept trying and kept advancing in classes. They really don’t have it that much in Miami, or Florida, so this is an exciting opportunity to show Miami what Second City is all about. 

  • Q: So were you a natural?

David: At the graduating level, you get to do shows and people tend to laugh a lot, so I fugured, ‘Hey, I’m pretty good at this.’ It was an ego booster, especially not having come from a theater background. This was kind of my introduction to theater and it was a huge boost to my confidence and it was really encouraging.

  • Q: Who do you look up to?

David: I look up to the females – the Tina Feys and the Amy Sedaris’ just because I feel like they had a lot more to prove coming into this field. It takes a lot more bravery for them, so I look up to the females interesting enough.


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