Save the date: North Miami

Look into each other's eyes over some fine non-domestic beers at Luna Star Cafe.

Do you know your way around NoMi? That’s what the locals call North Miami, a city full of fresh entertainment and dining prospects, making it the perfect destination for a quaint date.

For a daytime date, make like Thoreau and become one with nature. Start in Biscayne Park, a municipality just south of downtown NoMi and home to some of the strangest trees this side of Roald Dahl land. Some of the best specimens of gnarled beauties can be spied off of Northeast 6th Avenue. From there, head east on Northeast 119th Street to Northwest 7th Ave. and eastward ho for more. And it’s free! Just watch out: That stretch of Northesat 6th Ave. is also a speed trap — and a speeding ticket is no way to impress a date.

After basking in the arborous delights, head over to the renowned Museum of Contemporary Art, or MOCA. With over 400 works in the permanent collection from both emerging and established artists, ranging from the U.S to abroad, there’s plenty to peek and point at. Don’t forget to check out the MOCA shop, where you can see one-of-a-kind jewelry, art books and items that just make you go hmmm. Also, check out Jazz at MOCA, every last Friday of the month, from 8-9:30 p.m. in the plaza directly in front of the MOCA. South Florida swing, be-bop, big band, Afro-Cuban and Latin Jazz are featured.

All this activity making you thirsty? Before there was Starbuck’s there was the Luna Star Café, (775 NE 125th St., 305-799-7123, a North Miami staple. Known for its live folk singer flare ($7 entry on live show nights) like hometown favorite Diane Ward, Luna Star is eclectic from the interior to the, food, coffee and beer selection. Just don’t ask for Bud or any other common domestics. At Luna, they want you to sample the unusual. But be aware: They do not take credit cards.


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