Save the date: Las Olas

Richie Dixon, from the Cache at Samba Room in Ft. Lauderdale. Photo: Joshua Prezant.

Last time you went to the Las Olas area in Fort Lauderdale, you found yourself surrounded by packs of frat boys clutching open containers on the streets, loud thumping music spilling from cars in bumper to bumper traffic and the scent of greasy cheese pizza.

And you never went back.

That was years ago, and the times, luckily, are a-changing. To start your date off right, whisk her away to the 7th Street Wine Company, an intimate wine shop and bar with a vast selection. Fill up a card with a bit of money and sample some wines “on tap” from their chilled machines, each priced by small tasting portions. Have fun finding your favorite one, then share a glass of it (or bottle) and some good conversation in the spot’s intimate bar positioned for perfect people watching outside.

After a few glasses of wine, you might be in the mood for a bite to eat. You wife is insisting on nibbling on some comfort food in a relaxed environment, and you know just the place to satisfy her craving. Smith and Jones, an elegant sports bar and grill on scenic Las Olas Boulevard, serves up everything BBQ beef and fresh salads to cheesy enchiladas.

Walk and then dance off a full belly with a lengthy stroll on the boulevard, perfect for window shopping, and stop by Samba Room, where the vibe is more Latin-American lounge than college-crazy dance party. Sip on a signature caipirinha in this Brazilian-type resto lounge and reminisce on a night spent far away from the masses. And the Jager.

Published: 1/09

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