Sassoon Salon

Legendary London-based hair giant Sassoon is celebrating the arrival of the 2012 Summer Olympics to its home city with a collection of Olympic-inspired cuts and colors. Athletic matches may seem like an unusual reference for hairstyles until you consider Sassoon is known for their sleek, precise cuts. It’s not a stretch to see how they could mirror the perfection of an athlete’s body.

Miami-based Keith Ayotte, who is the Senior Creative Director for Sassoon Salon feels it’s a great fit. “With the Olympics in London, it was only natural to take ideas and inspiration from the athletes for the Spring / Summer collection.” That’s right, Sassoon is so on top of the trends, they actually have collections of new haircuts each season. But that doesn’t mean you have to get one of the featured cuts or their slick, signature Vidal Sassoon bob. In fact, Sassoon’s biggest strength is working with (not against) the individual’s natural hair texture and playing it up to distinct advantage. That means a labor-intensive cut for them – wash and go for you.


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