Sandra Bernhard Glee-fully disses TV hit

Onstage, Sandra Bernhard is the quirky comic who became famous “kidnapping” Jerry Lewis in 1983’s The King of Comedy.

Offstage, she’s a straight-laced mom raising a 12-year-old daughter, Cicely.

Together they enjoy “smart and funny” TV shows like The Simpsons and The Golden Girls.

Definitely not Glee.

“I think it’s trashy,” says Bernhard, who performs Friday and Saturday at Prelude by Barton G. in Miami.

“They jump all over the place,” she said.

“One minute you should be singing in the glee club and the next thing you’re threatening some other girl and sleeping with somebody’s boyfriend.”

“I shouldn’t say that,” Bernhard adds, “because I should be on that show.”



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