Ruffian Line Fits Miami Lifestyle

For Spring 2012, Ruffian designers Brian Wolk and Claude Morais are taken us into the world of thoroughbred racing and swanky socialite fetes with their color blocking creations in fuchsia, garnet, emerald, cobalt and lemon with the occasional snow toned outfit. In a city like Miami, the world of jockeys and racing is close to home with places like Gulfstream Park and Calder Race track. Plus, perfect for South Beach is the designer’s debut swimsuit collection and their Vince Camuto collaboration of jeweled toned stilettos. We got to chat up Wolk and Morais backstage before their show at New York’s Lincoln Center on their inspiration, why they decided to collaborate with Vince Camuto and what they think Miami gals will love the most.

What inspired the collection? 

Wolk: Ruffian was actually a really famous race horse and we’ve never explored the namesake of our brand so this season we wanted to explore the world of racing, jockeys, the society surrounding racing and the culture surrounding Saratoga. 

Morais: It’s also about women who have this crossover of cocktails and riding horses like Princess Charlotte of Monaco. 

There’s a lot of color in the collection. Why? 

Wolk: Jockeys are known for wearing the racing silks that are in bright colors so it made sense for us to incorporate that into the collection.

Morais: It’s also a moment of color for us. I think it’s the 80s influence and the recession.


For your Miami client, what will most likely be your best seller?

Morais: We are introducing our first swimwear today. Miami will like this.

Wolk: We are super excited about it. It’s also in bright colors.


Why did you collaborate with Vince Camuto for your shoe collection?

Wolk: This whole collection was inspired by America and we wanted to work with a great American designer and Vince Camuto is a fantastic designer and he’s in New York City and he’s been very supportive.

Morais: It’s our first collaboration with them and not our last. We’ve been having a great time. You can buy them online right after the show.




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