Romance In A Can Kick Off

Ever seen one of those films where a girl meets a boy, they hate each other, then are forced to hang out with each other, then they start to like each other, then he does something awful and then at the end someone runs through an airport? That description of the the romantic comedy (courtesy of Saturday Night Live) summarizes the plot of the lion’s share of Hollywood’s attempts at narrating the intricacies of the male/female encounter to the big screen.

How do they do it in Europe? The “Romance In A Can” Film Festival comes to Miami to show us. The five day series, held May 5-10, brings a bounty of the finest European romance films that you have probably never heard of, but may be worth a watch if you are tired of movies that end with people running through airports.

This Thursday celebrate at the 5th Anniversary Party of the Romance in a Can foreign film festival  The event is $15 and it will be held at Angler’s Boutique Resort at 7 p.m. Guests will enjoy champagne, hors d’oeuvres and screenings of international shorts that will get them warmed up for May’s upcoming festival.


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