Counting down the days until Rolling Loud? Read this (especially if you purchased your ticket)

Update: Members of Bayfront Park’s governing board voted in favor of allowing Rolling Loud to host its festival on the downtown park grounds Tuesday, April 11. Event organizers have sold about 40,000 tickets.

The $250 tickets to Miami’s Rolling Loud music festival could be rendered useless after a vote by the venue’s governing board. The festival, which is slated to bring an epic lineup of hip-hop artists to Miami on May 5 through May 7, is at the center of a mix-up between members of Bayfront Park’s top management.

The three-day festival, which named Kendrick Lamar as its headliner, was previously held at Soho Studios and Mana Wynwood. But with a less than a month to go, Rolling Loud’s fate at Bayfront Park is limbo — which is unfortunate for hip-hop fans, because, well did you see the lineup? And those tickets are not cheap!


Here’s a breakdown of the Rolling Loud Drama:

Bayfront Park management knew nothing of Rolling Loud

Frank Carollo, chairman of the Bayfront Park Management Trust, said he learned about the festival just last week when police told him they were expecting 40,000 people to attend.

The creators of Rolling Loud, Dope Entertainment, announced the music event in August 2016.

But a contract was signed to move Rolling Loud to Bayfront Park

Timothy Schmand, executive director of Bayfront Park Management Trust, leads children in a countdown to the lighting of the 30-foot Christmas tree at the park, Friday, Nov. 27, 2015, in Downtown Miami.

Timothy Schmand, executive director of Bayfront Mark Management Trust signed the festival contract. But Carollo said Schmand had no authority to do so. His job is to move forward with contracts “after approval by the board,” which he never received.

Schmand offered his resignation. He said he was simply trying to make Bayfront Park some money. He’ll walk away from his role on April 12, less than a month ahead of the Rolling Loud festival.

There are concerns over Rolling Loud being too close to Ultra

Ultra Music Festival is a three-day electronic dance music event in downtown Miami

Rolling Loud is a hip-hop festival, so the likelihood that it will be loud and bass-heavy is a good 100 percent. Ultra was just a few weeks ago, and of course, it drives many downtown residents crazy. According to the Miami Herald, Carollo worried that residents and workers would be annoyed with this second large festival in two months.

The festival could be rejected by Bayfront Park's board

Frank Carollo is also a Miami commissioner

Carollo, who was apparently frustrated, has called for a vote on the “potential rejection” of Rolling Loud. This was after he said in a March 28 board meeting that “We have to do the show. If not we’re going to get sued.”

Rolling Loud creators are unbothered

A spokesman for Rolling Loud, Brian Andrews, said the festival’s contract is legitimate.

“We have a deal. We have an agreement. We were told we were good to go and we’re acting on that,” he said.

The Rolling Loud team has reportedly spent $8 million on the festival so far.

Carollo acknowledged that the Rolling Loud team has been advertising the event and selling tickets — even though he’s just now finding out.

Bayfront Park management says no hip-hop discrimination

The proposed vote on Rolling Loud’s fate has little to do with music genres and more to do with a breakdown in communication, Carollo said.

“The way it was described to me by police, it is the Ultra of hip hop. Nothing against hip hop. Nothing against any type of music,” he said.

Basically, he’s just upset he didn’t know about it, despite it being fairly common for Bayfront to host events without board approval, according to the Herald.

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When: Friday, May 5 through Sunday, May 7
Where: Bayfront Park 301 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33132
Tickets: From $250 at

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