Robbie Lip Gloss

Fact: Breaking up is hard to do.

But when a bad breakup hit Miami-based Shira Kastan, she made gloss from the loss.

Yes, after separating from her boyfriend, Kastan refocused her energy and emotions into something positive and in 2010, Robbie Lip Gloss, was born.  Where the name “Robbie” came from is left up to the imagination.     

“What Robbie represents for me is that women are strong and they are survivors,” Founder and Creator Shira Kastan says. “After a breakup, emotions run wild and they are very powerful. I figured I would make these work for me,” she adds.

Designed to help women look and feel strong, sexy and elegant, Robbie Lip Gloss is a treatment-based lip gloss for healthier lips. Its glosses condition, hydrate and soften the textures of lips. Robbie’s ultra brilliant formula delivers a transparent and luminous shine, which promises to never leave a sticky mess. Antioxidant Vitamins A and E soften, smooth and protect lips.

They will also leave that ex BF weak in the knees. Zing!


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