Review: Pop star Katy Perry's playful, colorful Prismatic show sprinkles signs of maturity

Katy Perry performs during her Prismatic Tour. Photo: Kevin Mazur/ WireImage

If there’s anything Katy Perry represents, it’s the unadulterated embrace of all things girly and over-the-top. And her spectacle of a show for her Prismatic tour at the BB&T Center in Sunrise Wednesday delivered, complete with acrobatics, pyrotechnics, confetti, tap-dancing cats, emojis, twerking, costume changes galore, and – of course – selfies.
Perry has always straddled the line between childish and very adult, with outfits – and an attitude – equal parts outrageous and raunchy, like the bright costumes that verge on the cartoonish but bare it all. But Wednesday, there was something new: Katy Perry is growing up. Well, sort-of.
Perry’s still the chart-topping, wig-wearing personification of bubblegum pop: delivering a set nearly exclusively of Top 40 hits – from the show opener “Roar” to the concluding songs, such as the more recent hit “Birthday” and the particularly seasonally appropriate “Firework.” She belted “Part of Me,” commanded the stadium to jump during “Wide Awake” – wisely, they obeyed – and emerged on a giant golden horse for an Egyptian-themed “Dark Horse.”
But the pop star who famously shot whipped cream out of her bra to fight evil gummy bears in the “California Gurls” music video is on the brink of turning 30. While she’s not cutting down on her signature embrace of all things outrageous – after all, “If you want it all, you know that I’m the girl that you should call,” as she sings in the infectious hook of her latest hit, “Birthday” – she is flirting, albeit cheekily, with maturity. Consider she recently started her own record label under Capitol Records – Metamorphosis Music – and signed her first artist, Ferras, who opened the show.
“I’m finally an adult,” Perry said midway through the show – for proof, pointing to the fact that she has her own garden. Still, while she may have whipped out a watering can, it dispensed glitter.

But those adult moments were the best part of the show, such as the acoustic set in the middle when she sang a crooning and pure “By the Grace of God,” followed by a heartbreaking rendition of “The One That Got Away” mixed with “Thinking of You.” In a gauzy gown, with a pastel wig and a bedazzled guitar, sunflowers behind her, Perry looked — and sounded — surprisingly adult, even vulnerable.
“Can you believe it? The girl with the pastel hair has crappy days,” she admitted to the sold-out stadium.

But even as Perry displayed the vulnerability beneath the pop princess veneer, she was still game to get down on the arena floor – in a Valentino dress – and take a selfie with her fans. She donned a tiara thrown onstage and dedicated the song “Teenage Dream” to “pizza, the one that got away” (Perry is gluten-intolerant).

Indeed, the performance was “even brighter than the moon,” as Perry sang in a dress printed with fireworks, tinsel in her hair and sparklers exploding behind her. She donned a hot-pink leopard-spotted cat suit – complete with ears – and a glowstick-edged silver midriff-baring skirt and top. There was a sparkly, spangle Egyptian queen ensemble, complete with golden whip, and in classic Katy Perry style, an outfit featuring a fluorescent-green shell top, plastic frond skirt and, of course, a matching wig. There was Perry herself, floating around the packed arena like a fairy godmother on a cluster of rainbow balloons, a huge, light-up neon birthday cake below her on the stage. After all, like the object it was named after, the Prismatic tour was all about color.
Between the costumes, the sets, the songs and Perry’s own wide-eyed, infectious energy it was impossible not to nod in agreement when she asked the crowd for one thing: “Promise we never break up?”
Perry’s Prismatic Tour continues Thursday, July 3 with a performance at AmericanAirlines Arena in Miami.