Relive the hay-day of the Drag Queen @ Halo tonight

Relive the hay-days of the drag queen at Halo’s ART of DRAG tonight from 9p.m. – 2 a.m.

The night is hosted by Shelley Novak, Joanna Mills sounds by Adora.

10 years of photographs by Jamie Robinson will be on display. Come and see the wonderful world of divine divas such as Taffy, Marvella, Adora, Mother Kibble, Penny Sometimes, Diva Rober, Damien Dee Vine, Sexcillia, Shelley Novak, Kevin Aviance, Dana Douglas, Vegas Dion, Gloria Klein, Cezanne, Erika Norell, Electra, Barbra Herr, Nikki Adams, Gina Di Angelo, Lady Bunny, Viva Mirage and Elaine Lancaster.

Exhibit begins at 9pm

$7 Belvedere cocktails

$9 Belvedere martinis

Proceeds Benefit Jamie Dog Rescue

Halo Lounge 1625 Michigan Ave. 786-326-6947


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