This cycling instructor wants to DJ your next workout

Albert Ghitis is your new excuse to work out.

Ghitis, a chiseled fitness instructor,  opened a second location to his popular indoor cycling studio, RedBike, on Feb. 23. Nestled in an upscale outlet mall, RedBike brings the essence of South Beach to Aventura and to your next sweat session.

“It’s fun. It’s like a party on a bike,” Ghitis said of his cycling class. “That 45 minutes really doesn’t feel like a workout. It’s just not your boring, grueling workout.”


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Walk into the studio and you might find Ghitis pedaling from a platform as a mixed crowd of enthusiasts follow his every move. In one Monday evening class, there were a group of high school kids, working-aged women and senior citizens all bumpin’ to Biggie. Their silhouettes were cast in red light when Ghitis pulled out the weights and the song transitioned from classic hip-hop to EDM.

When the rhythm of an upbeat dance song intensified, Ghitis yelled into his headset mic “Quick question!” He paused for dramatic effect while the class continued to pedal.

“Are you ready?” Ghitis said, to cheers from room.

Then it was full speed ahead. The light in the corner changed from red to blue, to too many colors to count. Even the grandmas got into it.

At the end of the workout, as if he had just finished the most epic set in music history, Ghitis tilted his head back and lifted his arms outstretched.

It was really like he had just DJed this whole work out. Ghitis agreed.

“That’s really the most important job for instructors. The are music curators,” he said. “I mean it’s all about the music. People do come for the music and they come for the experience. This is the one workout that’s not a burden.”

That’s the experience Ghitis, who was raised in Broward County, hopes will attract new clients to RedBike. He said he was inspired by boutique fitness centers in New York when he decided to bring the concept to South Florida.

“Especially in Miami, most spinning is very traditional spinning. We find it to be a little boring in the sense that they’re just trying to replicate the outdoor ride,” Ghitis said.


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You might remember that RedBike teamed up with Sports Illustrated model Nina Agdal for a charity ride on South Beach in 2015. Those tickets were a hefty $500, but with a lot of perks. The RedBike in Aventura has perks of its own, as it is outfitted with lockers, full showers and restrooms and a soon-to-be juice bar service. The spinning studio also has its own athletic clothing line and Ghitis said his staff is trained to be attentive to guests’ needs.

“We like to think we have that restaurant-hotel service in a fitness environment where you don’t normally see that,” he said.

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Where: 18725 Biscayne Boulevard Suite 350, Aventura

Schedule: Varies daily, but you can check here