RDo Women’s Wear Boutique

The lowdown: If you really want to stand apart from the masses, a jaunt to RDo Women’s Wear Boutique is in order. In business for the past six years, the shop is brimming with Dominican Republic-born Rucht D’Oleo’s fun, feminine and flirty designs for women.

“RDo Women’s Wear Boutique is a contemporary shop targeting fashionistas from around the globe,” Owner Rucht D’Oleo says.

The ‘hood: Nestled on Biscayne Boulevard, RDo Women’s Wear Boutique is located a stone’s throw from Sans Souci Estates. Neighboring businesses include Something Fishy, Awesome Chiropractic and The Home Depot.

Highlights: Snag a one-of-a-kind yellow-and-grey striped dress ($98), asymmetrical top ($88), cotton pastel-colored shorts ($59) or maxi-skirt ($62) created by D’Oleo herself. The added bonus? If a garment doesn’t fit to your exact liking or you want to add something special, alterations are made on the spot.

The owner says: “From sketches, to the patterns, sewing, to final pressings, it’s all done right here. This is what sets us apart from any other stores. RDo is conveniently keeping our business local in order to support the local economy and community,” D’Oleo adds.


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