Public transportation in Miami is making moves

Across the world, nearly every developed city uses public transportation as a tool to spread culture. A connecting factor between culture and the community is accessibility to public transit, and with the current creative renaissance overtaking our city, we’re not surprised to see Miami-Dade Transit open their ears to feedback and embark on innovative plans to better your experience and ridership. Recently, Miami-dade Transit and Public Works have unveiled some inspiring new additions to their platforms that’ll surely get you talking about alternative transportation.

First, their shiny new Transit Tracker App is something impressive to behold. They’ve incorporated a colorful and friendly new interface with clear-cut tabs that will get you the information you need a lot quicker. Their new live tracking capabilities allow you to watch buses and trains in real time so you can keep your commute on point. Their new partnership with Waze allows them to data-share with the traffic platform to update any road changes and construction delays to the app as well.

Photo:  Jason Koerner

Next, they’ve partnered with The New Tropic and Prism Creative Group to develop creative initiatives that’ll inspire locals to engage with transit in new and exciting ways. With pop-up concerts on buses, silent discos on the Metromover, and secret performances along transit lines, you’ll be jamming to the rhythm of the city from the steps of public transit. As a part of their Miami’s Never Moved Like This campaign, they’ll be bringing the local arts to the forefront with some vibrant plans you’ll have to keep your eyes out for.

Finally, each of the city’s highly transited neighborhoods will be receiving a re-vamped map to showcase just how close all of Miami’s cultural institutions are from public transit stops and stations. We bet you didn’t know that the PAMM is just a 5-minute train ride from the Brickell Station parking lot. And the Metromover is free, so that’ll save you a lot on parking.


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Prism Creative Group is a cultural development agency geared towards re-identifying Miami through engaging and locally-conscious storytelling, experiential events and content.