Primal Fit Miami

Treadmills are so 2010.  So are Elliptical machines. Same goes for those redundant step classes.

Primal Fit Miami challenges locals to step up, out of the gym and into an adult playground outfitted with unique fitness concepts for high-intensity, strength, cardio and conditioning training.

The first of its kind, Primal Fit Miami is a work-out destination where dated Elliptical machines and Nautilus equipment are replaced with 600-pound tractor tires, sledge hammers, battle ropes, Bulgarian bags, a jungle gym, Prowler and TRX. It’s also a place where clients are physically and mentally trained to get comfortable with discomfort through various physical and mental challenges.

Professional trainer and primal Fit Miami founder Matt Pack’s signature work out techniques zone in on primal movements such as the push, pull, squat, lunge, rotation and bend; and crawling patterns including the bear, gorilla and crab mixed with rope climbs and sledge work. A lot of the exercises are modeled after competing sports found at the World’s Strongest Man Competition, an event focusing on strength athletics since 1977.

“As the foundation for most movements we perform, primal patterns are used in our everyday lives, at work, and in all the sports we play,” Pack says. “Primal movements were necessary for our ancestors to survive in the wild.”

Private and semi-private sessions are available by appointment only starting at $20 for a 60-minute high intensity workout under the direct supervision of Pack.

Join the Matt Pack.


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