Pool Party

By Kyle Teal

Relaxing at a resort pool doesn’t have to be a covert operation involving fake names and room numbers or unfriendly interrogations by hotel staff. Some of the more laidback establishments turn a blind eye to locals chilling out poolside, as long as they start a tab or order an appetizer.

South Florida’s pools paint a picturesque scene of a summer crowd enjoying what a genuine tropical weekend is all about: sun and sex appeal. Sure, there are miles of beaches all over, but pools mean no sand in your car, a quick trek to the bar or poolside service, and when it’s time for a swim, no irrational paranoia derived from watching too much Shark Week on the Discovery Channel.

While a few establishments welcome all, others only open their doors on specific days or after you’ve purchased a pass or rented a cabana. To avoid the embarrassment of getting kicked out, we’ve provided the scoop on some of the friendliest pool decks in the area.

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