Planning Your Girlfriend Getaway in Miami

Your sorority sisters want a reunion. Your high school BFF is turning 40. Your sister is getting divorced. The kids are driving you insane. There are myriad reasons that you and your girls need to get in formation and Miami is the perfect place to do it. Here is how to plan out your girlfriend getaway weekend in Miami. 

Find your home base

First things first, find a hotel that will get you a block of rooms that can accomodate your crew. Whether you are on a budget, looking for the hippest place or on a mission for a penthouse suite, your first job is to snag some rooms ASAP.  


Eat your way across town

Somebody’s going to be cooking this weekend, but it won’t be you. Indulge in all the things Miami’s culinary scene has to offer, from the newest restaurants to waterfront dining options to dinner parties.  

Raise a glass

When you and your friends get together the drinks will be a-flowing. You can grab some fancy cocktails at one of the chic hotel lobby bars, hit the wine bars or visit some local breweries

Dance like the Beyhive

Bust a move with your squad at one of Miami’s nightclubs. They are legion so find the one that fits your vibe. If you are in Miami specifically for the Latin ambiente, then find the right club at our guide to Latin Nightspots

Spend all your money

This is happening, friends. If you are in Miami with your besties, the shopping will be major. You can hit the outlets (Dolphin or Sawgrass Mills) or if you are looking for a more unique shopping experience, head to the Design District, Wynwood or Sunset Harbour to check out the shops. 

Spa Day

If you come to Miami and do not get a complete rubdown this whole trip is a big waste. Try our favorite spas or just have a look at our directory and find the one closest to your hotel.