Pete Holmes, voice of E*Trade baby, performs backstage at South Beach Comedy Festival

If you start thinking, “Where have I heard this guy before?” when catching a comedy set by Pete Holmes, maybe it’s because he’s the creator and voice behind those hilariously cute E*Trade Baby commercials. But he’s so much more than that! This under-the-radar comic will make you hurt yourself laughing at his personal experiences and twisted view of everyday things we all encounter. Check him out Saturday night (April 20) at Backstage at the Fillmore Miami Beach.

What’s a Pete Holmes stand-up set like?
Fun, silly, slightly arousing, scary in the middle, but ultimately enjoyable.

Will we hear any E*Trade Baby stuff?
People coming to the show hoping I’ll be a talking baby giving stock tips will be sorely disappointed. But those people are insane and difficult to please.

How did you wind up creating/writing/voicing that commercial franchise?
I won a radio contest! Just kidding, but the real answer is very boring.

Do you have any involvement in synching up the baby’s visual mouth movements with your voice?
You know what’s weird is, the baby’s mouth is actually a toddler’s mouth. So there’s me, the baby, and a toddler all involved in making a magical talking baby. Apologies to readers who thought it was an actual magical talking baby.

Will your set include any material from “Nice Try, The Devil,” and when can we see that on Comedy Central?
“Nice Try, The Devil” comes out next month. Some of the material from that special will be in this hour performance for sure, mixed with newer stuff as well. So see it before you could see it on TV! But live comedy is always more fun than the TV version, at least when I go to shows. I like interacting with the crowd and making each show unique. (In a fun way, not in a “look at what this jerk is wearing!” way. I want everyone to have a good time!).

What’s the central theme, if any, in that show?

Your cartoons have been featured in the New Yorker – how cool is that, and isn’t it next to impossible to be published in that mag?
People either think it’s very cool or not cool at all. I think it’s very cool! I’ve been a fan of their cartoons my whole life, and was thrilled I came up with something that appeared as wry, droll and subtle [enough] to meet their standards (it was a joke about dogs peeing).

Who or what inspired you to first get into comedy?
A confusing mix of blinding confidence and crippling insecurity.

And creating cartoons?
A confusing mix of blinding insecurity and crippling confidence.

What do you think of Miami?
I love Miami. My body is squishy and pale – it needs to see how the other half lives.