Paramore rocks into Miami

Pop rock fans are in for a treat when Paramore takes the stage at Bayfront Park Amphitheater on Saturday, Sept. 4. The creators of such hits as the Twilight soundtrack’s “Decode” and “Misery Business”, punk princess and lead singer Hayley Williams took the time to chat with about what fans can expect from the show and what makes their band so unified.

What is your favorite song to play live?
That changes nightly. I feel like all of our songs are made for the stage.

What can fans expect from the Honda Civic Tour? Any surprises?
It’s gonna be a rock show. Not to mention the biggest production and longest set list we’ve ever had.

What makes Paramore such a united group?
We grew up together in a fairly small town. Our passion for what we do keeps us grounded.

What are your thoughts on South Florida and Miami?
South Florida seems to have its own thing going musically. New Found Glory is on this tour with us and they’re from Coral Springs. There’s some damn good music in South Florida. Plus the shows down there are sick!

Any last words for your fans?
We can’t wait to bring this tour to Miami. We know we don’t make it there often but we’re gonna make it up to you on September 4th.


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