Onia Swim Shorts Q&A

With year-round beach days, Miami is home to a surplus of beach bums (and that’s a good thing). For the gentlemen, we love Onia swim shorts, which come in an array of prints with an expert fit comprised of superior fabrics. Available for sale at Soho Beach House, Base, The Delano, Atrium, W Hotel, Saks, Barney’s, Scoop, Ritz Carlton South Beach, Intercontinental South Beach and more, we chat up Onia Creative Director Carl Cunow.

What makes Onia trunks perfect for the Miami man? Our trunks are designed to take you from morning until night — gym, beach, dinner. They’re structured to be your “go to” short. The best part about them is that they don’t look like swim trunks, so it just looks like you are wearing regular shorts.

Does “Onia” have a special meaning? Yes, Onia means “ship” in Hebrew.

What makes your swimwear so unique? We source all of our fabrics from the highest quality mills from around the world including Italy and Spain. We are known for our “quick dry” effect so as soon as you get out of the ocean or pool, our trunks dry extremely fast in comparison to the other brands in our market. Finally, we have a commitment to quality. No detail is left out. From  the grommets to the lining down to the construction and fit of each short — we don’t settle for anything besides creating the perfect pair of trunks.

What’s the one notion all men should keep in mind when buying swimwear? It should be all about comfort, quality and fit. The right suit should give you all three wrapped up in one. When we started Onia, it was because we, as men, were only given options of so many ill-fitting swim trunks and most of them looked just like swim trunks so we could only wear them when we were at the beach or the pool. Onia was created to fill that void and our product is more than just swim trunks and we take pride that our swim is constructed for a complete lifestyle verses just to wear to the beach.

If you weren’t in the fashion business, what would be Plan B? When I was applying for internships I had the opportunity of being at Steven Alan or Duane Reade corporate. I chose Steven Alan and that started my interest in this field. I’m sure if I took the Duane Reade route, I would have continued with some other retail aspect, whatever that may have been!

Walk us through your closet — what item do you own far too many of? Sneakers! I have so many, it’s like an addiction! Other than that, I wear all of our pima cotton tops with hoodies and jeans.