One Night Stand at Locust Projects

What could make your karaoke voice sound even better? No, not autotune. Well, yes autotune. But what could enhance the experience of belting out Celine Dion with your untrained voice in front of a group of people you may or may not know? How about some visuals in the form of artist/software developer Dylan Romer’s projections? The artist will be creating live video mixes using an app he created called Time Piles, which manipulates the idea of time by reorganizing moments into psychedelic infinite exposures of the present time. Trippy! The projections will either distract from or compliment the musical stylings of the amateur singers, who will be able to choose from indie, punk, R&B, hip-hop and oldies (and hopefully some Celine Dion). Check out the list here if you want to start rehearsing