Obscene Interiors: An interview with author Justin Jorgensen


Fake plants in the background,
Fake plants in the background,
Lookin’ like a fool with your fake plants in the background.

Fuax foliage is just one of the decor horrors author Justin Jorgensen calls out in his hilarious book, “Obscene Interiors,” a collection of men’s personal ad photos in which the oft-naked, oft-erect subject has been grayed out so that readers can focus on terrible interior design choices in the background.

The design flaws span a range of questionable objets d’crap: granny lace everything, gold spray painted urns, dead flowers, poorly displayed American flags and…Beanie Babies. In the middle of these room-sized cornucopias of hoarded Gummo-meets-Jersey Shore mementos, the anonymous subjects sit flexing, splayed out, likely giving their best come hither glances. Justin answers a few questions about his inspiritive fellas below. Also check out Nerve.com’s recent gallery of pics from the book.

The subjects in your book are grayed out, but there are hints to their state of dress—or undress (i.e., wrinkled clothes vs. dangly balls). About what percentage of the guys in the book are naked in their personals photo?

It varies greatly. Some just pull their dick out, some have their shirt off, some nude, others fully clothed. But these men reveal the most with their choice of setting.

Do you think there’s some undiscovered genetic link between a guy’s willingness to post nude photos of himself on the internet, and awful decorating sense?

In a way. There is an attitude of “This is the naked me—I haven’t cleaned for you, this is myself—and my place—in the raw.”

What about regionally speaking—are personal ads from certain states or cities a goldmine for godawful decor choices?

American interiors offer more to see because they’re often larger than European or Asian interior spaces. Beyond that, no. I mean, the Midwest and South are frequently awful but in very common ways so it’s not uniquely interesting.

Judging from the backgrounds, where are most of these pics being taken?

Most I presume are taken in their own home. Some are obviously not their own room though which is strange that they would photograph themselves in their sister’s room instead of their own.

You’re an expert, how about some advice: What are some of the terrible decorating cliches that naked guys should remove from the backgrounds of their pics?

Crack pipes and torches. Unless you’re trying to attract that element. The setting communicates a great deal about your personality. A spotless bedroom with “decorative pillows” placed just so tells me you’re anal—as in retentive, not the fun way.

Buy Obscene Interiors: Hardcore Amateur Decor for your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day, and check out more of Justin on his blog.


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