‘Twin Peaks’ is back. ‘Eraserhead’ is 40. David Lynch is awesome, and O Cinema is celebrating

Naomi Watts and Laura Harring star in "Mulholland Drive" and that's all we're going to tell you if you haven't seen it.

“Eraserhead” turns 40. “Twin Peaks” returns to television after a 25-year hiatus. Is this the season of David Lynch?

O Cinema Wynwood says yes. The theater is hosting a retrospective of Lynch’s work from May 19-25 to coincide with both events. 

The retrospective includes new restorations of “Mulholland Drive,” “Blue Velvet” and the cult classic “Eraserhead,” which may or may not still give you nightmares after all these years (yes, we know you saw it stoned at a midnight movie, back in ancient times when you could stay up that late).

“His films are so visually stunning,” says Kareem Tabsch, co-director of O Cinema. “He gets the language of the moving image. He’s an excellent storyteller, but he knows how to take that and transfer that into a visual moving image unlike anyone else.”

True Lynch fans – you know, the hardy souls who made it through “Inland Empire” without bleeding from the eyes – will also have the chance to see six of Lynch’s short films, including the two-minute “Premonitions Following An Evil Deed” and the 34-minute “The Grandmother.”

The shorts, which have been released on DVD, are rarely shown in theaters, Tabsch says.

“We thought that would be a neat thing to do to give people another way to see more Lynch.”

Just remember: if you buy tickets for the evening of May 21, set your DVR: the new season of “Twin Peaks” returns at 9 p.m. on Showtime.

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The David Lynch restrospective runs May 19-25 at O Cinema Wynwood, 90 NW 29th St., Miami. Tickets $11 for adults; $9.50 for students and seniors. Tickets and full schedule here.

90 NW 29th St., Miami