NYE Fashion that Brings Good Luck

Hoping to start 2013 with plenty of luck, love, money and good health? Then, you’re gonna have to style yourself the right way. That’s correct. What you don on the big night many believe will shape the next 365 days of your life. Miami Chic investigated thet top traditions in fashion around the globe and what you should wear on NYE. 

Polka-dots: Whether you’re covered in a polka dot frock or a simple accessory such as a tie, they are believed to bring wealth according to Filipinos.  

Yellow Underwear: In Latin America wearing yellow underwear is said to bring happiness and prosperity. 

Red Underwear:  Italian tradition states red underwear summons good luck and  true love. 

White & Gold : These two colors should be combined in your NYE’s get up. White represents a clean, washed away year while  gold is represents good health.

New Clothing: It is believed that people that start 2013 in a new outfit will have an amazing wardrobe throughout the year while those in old clothes will remain in the same garbs.