No breakfast art by Jennifer Rubell this year during Art Basel Week

There will be a missing element to Art Basel week on Friday morning. For the first time in 11 years, Jennifer Rubell will not be hosting her breakfast/art installation at the Rubell Family Collection (95 NW 29th St., Miami.)

According to her interview with PaperMag, she says her studio in Greenpoint (near Brooklyn) was flooded by superstorm Sandy and some of the elements of her project were destroyed. She also mentions she had been looking for a “sign” that it was time to stop the breakfasts. Here’s hoping it’s just a temporary break.

In the interview she goes on to talk about the exhibit her parents will have on display (and open to the public) during Art Basel at the Rubell Family Collection as well as her 6-month old baby boy.

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If you are looking for some breakfast with your art, the Bakehouse Art Complex (561 NW 32nd St., Miami) will be serving on Friday morning from 9 a.m. to noon.