Nikki Beach hosts bacon bash on July 5

Though some of us have long gotten over the whole bacon obsession, clearly the love for the pork strip isn’t going anywhere any time soon as evidenced by the First Annual Bacon Beach, from noon to 11 p.m. Saturday, July 5 at none other than Nikki Beach Miami, the place long thought to be a haven for those who are allergic to any sort of fat or grease other than that slathered on their well oiled bodies.

At any rate, the celebration of bacon features DJs galore and chefs creating various dishes centered around that beloved bacon. Think bacon mac and cheese, Nutella banana and bacon crepes, bacon maple cannolis and all sorts of stuff that prevents most normal folk from laying out at a beach club without feeling like, well, the porcine origins of bacon itself.

Tickets are $25 before 2 p.m. or $35 after and available by clicking here.