NFL stars blur into media with OCNN

Chad Ochocinco of OCNN

Picture this: Midway through NFL Commission Roger Goodell’s annual press conference Friday, he takes a query from the newest member of the NFL media posse – Chad Ochocinco.

“I’d ask him one question: ‘Can you please allow me to celebrate? Don’t worry about anybody else. Just give me the green light,’” Ochocinco said Monday.

It might just happen.

Yes sports fans, Ochocinco – he of tens of thousands of dollars in NFL fines due to his hilarious on-field antics – has his own news network and a team of fellow jock correspondents.

Ochocinco has partnered with Motorola to form OCNN, and they’re covering Super Bowl week like no one else ever has: via live Twitter updates from 85 and other NFL stars Ray Rice, Chris Cooley and Darnell Dockett. Their website:

They’ll hit Media Day with a vengeance. They’ll go all-access at the week’s hottest parties. They even have their own news van.

“Twitter wasn’t something I was really a part of,” said Ochocinco, a Miami Beach High grad who has more than 700,00 Twitter followers. “I got into it about eight months ago. Based on my personality, and the things I do, it becomes interesting at times.”

You can follow Ochocinco on Twitter @OGOchoCinco.


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