New York Strip Steakhouse & Cabaret


Outback Steakhouse might have you by the balls when it comes to that Bloomin’ Onion (so greasy delicious), but you know what they don’t have? Supple naked women, that’s what. Intermingled with the finest grade of prime USDA beef, cooked by actual chefs and not a teenager in a hairnet.

The New York Strip Steakhouse & Cabaret [somewhat NSFW] is exactly what it sounds like: a place where you can order up dry-aged steak, fresh seafood, and for dessert, a lap dance right at your table. You’ll have to trek it to Pompano Beach for this new restaurant-meets-strip-club, but once there, you’ll find a packed menu and extensive wine list. The food side of things is legit—the steakhouse is overseen by transplanted award-winning Executive Chef Johnny Rovito, the owner of multiple successful restaurants in the Chicago area.

As for its strip club cred, the place is owned by Dennis Degori, who founded Scores Las Vegas, Solid Gold Miami and a few other places you’ve likely heard of. The interior resembles a high-end cigar bar, with button-tufted leather seating, dark wood bars and extensive mood lighting. The club features two stages, one that’s topless only, and another that’s completely nude. In case you don’t want to be all “Excuse me…I think your ass just brushed my salad,” there are areas of the club where diners can sit away from performers (dubbed “Prime Girls” [NSFW]). DeGori has hired reality TV celeb and top maneater Megan Hauserman (of Beauty and the Geek, Rock of Love, and Megan Wants a Millionaire) to rep the joint—no word yet if she’s bringing the chihuahua.

Hours of operation, event booking and more can be found at the most extensive FAQ page ever compiled for a cabaret (Example question: “Are the eggs used cage-free?” Answer: “We use only cage free eggs for all of our menu items.” Well, thank goodness.)

New York Strip Steakhouse & Cabaret can be booked for bachelor parties, divorce parties, birthdays, corporate events and any other gathering where boobs and filet mignon are an appropriate combo. Open seven days a week. 1350 SW 2nd Street, Pompano Beach.














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