Muse of the Month: Artist Gustavo Oviedo

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Title: “In Front of the Marine Stadium” by Gustavo Oviedo

Medium: Found object and epoxy resin

Size: 15 x 24 x 7

About this piece: Miami-based artist and “accidental environmentalist” Gustavo Oviedo creates and recreates using canvases, photography, vinyl, drawings, video and found objects. Most pieces are often in their second or even third iteration. South Florida’s waterways serve as his inspiration and he uses his boat to explore them. The discarded items he finds are reclaimed or recycled as souvenirs of his experiences.

Ovideo found a toilet seat camouflaged in algae during a scuba diving session in front of the graffiti-covered Miami Marine Stadium, one of Florida’s most threatened landmarks. He poured epoxy resin over the seat to seal in the algae and conserve that characteristic forever.

“It was necessary to scuba there instead of snorkel because of the poor visibility near the Marine Stadium,” said Oviedo. “The place is an awesome example of human interaction with nature and many artists have worked within the stadium [doing graffit], but I liked the idea of doing a project in front of it for a change.”

To convey how murky the water is in this area of Biscayne Bay, Oviedo shared this underwater video.

Just last week, Gloria Estefan donated $500,000 to the Friends of Miami Marine Stadium to help the organization meet its $30 million goal for restoration of the Virginia Key venue that closed in 1992.

See it with your own eyes: “In Front of the Marine Stadium” is part of Oviedo’s solo exhibition at ArtCenter/South Florida’s Project 924, 924 Lincoln Rd., Miami Beach. “Nothing Goes to Waste” opens Wednesday, July 2 with a special reception from 7 – 10 p.m. Free and open to the public with RSVP on Facebook. On view through Aug. 24.