Muse of the month: Artist Agustina Woodgate

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Title: “Seven Seas,” 2013, by Agustina Woodgate

Medium: Stuffed animal skins

Size: 15 x 10

About this piece: Miami-based artist Agustina Woodgate presents “Seven Seas” as part of a solo exhibition featuring hand-sewn rugs made from the pelts of stuffed animals. (Think forlorn teddy bears.) Woodgate collects the toys, which belonged to a loving owner at one time, from thrift stores and donations.

“The rugs not only reference the personal history of the owners, but investigate the rug as an object organizing and displaying personal memories and lineages,” she says.

What’s particularly fascinating is that Woodgate doesn’t cut the pelts to fit them together. Instead, she treats each “skin” as a piece of an oversized hanging puzzle. Her leftovers from the toys are simply pieces of thread.

Woodgate is drawn to the specific meanings associated with the arrangements of rug designs because in Eastern cultures the rug is known to operate beyond utility depicting the spiritual and mental world in a tangible form.

See it with your own eyes: “Seven Seas” and the entire “Rug Collection” are on view for the first time as a complete exhibition at the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood, 1650 Harrison St., Hollywood; through May 25, 2014.