Munchkin Fun launches in Miami creating a one-stop shop for kiddie classes

Munchkin Fun is a one-stop website where parents in South Florida can directly sign up their children for hundreds of classes, camps and activities. Various activities are pre-screened and approved to make it simpler for parents to find the ideal activity for their child.

Munchkin Fun has more than 70 partners, from Gymboree to Miami Dance & Gymnastics Academy. Business interested in joining the website can apply via phone or email and will be personally visited to receive a “mom” test.

As a mother of three girls under six, founder Valerie Schimel understood the struggle to find quality activities for children. She launched Munchkin Fun in 2008 as a simple calendar which was eventually revamped into a full website in 2013 with a focus on class registration.

“We try hard to give parents the info and functionality they need and deserve as easily as possible,” says Schimel.

Munchkin Fun uses technology in a simple way for parents. Classes are first categorized by type of activity, such as acting or martial arts. Activities listed can even be categorized by neighborhood.

“I wasn’t picking a class at random based on a Google search,” said Denise Malvehy, a mother who uses Munchkin Fun about once a month. “I was able to choose from classes that I knew had been vetted by other moms like me.”

Schimel now employs two other full-timers: VP of Operations Aleesa Adams and VP of Development Molly Blanco.

Munchkin Fun is expanding to Boca and Broward in late 2013 or early 2014, then plans to grow nationally.