MOCA Mystery Dates whisks art lovers away

Most folks who spend $175-$200 a head for a fancy dinner want to know what they are in for: Who is the chef? What’s on the menu? Who are we eating with? Where are we going?

All of those questions will be answered in due time at the Museum of Contemporary Art’s Mystery Dates fundraiser. Participants will arrive at the Museum on Saturday, Nov. 17 and enjoy a few cocktails to loosen them up before they are escorted to one of several stylish locales where a feast awaits them in the private home of some of Miami’s most brilliant hosts.

Will you be dining at the private residence on Fisher Island? The waterfront estate on Miami Beach? The eclectic MiMo manse in Morningside? Wait and see. Guests won’t know which destination awaits them until they arrive at the museum.

On the roster of this year’s hosts are Joe Berg, Robert Blumenthal, Sam Burstyn and daughter Alana Burstyn, George Sanchez Calderone, Lizzie Dascal, Dawn Adels Fine, Barbara Herzberg, Mike Margulies, Dan Milewski and Nina Johnson-Milewski, Gloria and Sergio Leyva, Kathryn and Dan Mikesell, Dale and Richard Newberg, Katy and Dario Stoka and Billy Weisman.

Enjoy the delicious meal and gawk at the stylish surroundings before reconvening at the Shore Club for some after hours partying.

Proceeds from the event will benefit MOCA exhibitions of experimental and emerging artists.





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