It’s Swimsuit Season. Get yo’ booty in shape at these locally loved designer workouts.

Suffering from a severe case of dreaded “winter body”? No judgement here. Fret not as Miami is teeming with the get-taut classes. Give Flywheel a spin (pun intended) or how about some sweaty, steamy and sexy dance moves via The Vixen Workout? Yes, we here at are keen on helping you achieve a fit, balanced and happy lifestyle. So without further ado, we’d like to share Miami’s top workouts — we’ve got you covered from head to toe (literally):

The Vixen Workout

So you think you can dance? Janet Jones, a professional dancer with classical ballet training and former Miami Heat dancer, created The Vixen Workout, a female-only fitness class, to give women who are juggling the work-life balance the opportunity to cut loose in a club-like atmosphere without the fear of being judged for twerkin’ on the dance floor.

Jones says, “What makes Vixen Workout unique is the live performance quality of it. Participants feel like if they are part of their own VMA’s with dramatic intros and glass-shattering music effects and moves that are similar to what they see from their favorite artists.  That helps them let go and forget where they are, which in turn helps them go ‘full-out’ as we say in the dance world.”

Going full-out means students go hard on the movement, therefore burning more calories than they would normally.  Jones adds, “That’s why clients get addicted to Vixen Workout, because they find themselves burning more calories than they would in their regular workouts and have the opportunity to feel like they are J. Lo live in Vegas.”

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$20 per class, monthly class passes include 5 classes for $95 and 10 classes for $180, and membership is $150 per month. 547 NW 28 St., Miami;

547 NW 28 St., Miami

The Pilates Place

If you don’t want to bulk up, Pilates is the answer. Owner Jackie Weiner says, “Pilates is a full-body workout which develops long, lean muscles in the arms, legs and glutes. It will also strengthen your core and tone your mid-section. It focuses on body awareness and posture — so get ready to stand taller!” Helloooo, ballerina bod.

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$25 and up per class, 5400 N.E. 4th Court, Miami and 1253 Washington Ave., Miami Beach;

1253 Washington Ave., Miami Beach

Flywheel Sports

Touted for their trademark indoor stadium-seating cycling classes, Flywheel remains South Florida’s top spinning class facility. Once riders are seated in the arena-like classroom, the lights are switched off, the music is blasted and a peppy instructor leads the way. There’s even arm weights segment during each class and flat screens to track one’s performance (brilliant for competitive types).

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$25 per class and first-timers ride free, 1919 Purdy Ave, Miami Beach and 14861 Biscayne Blvd., North Miami; (305) 763-8227;

1919 Purdy Ave, Miami Beach

Barry’s Bootcamp


If it’s good enough for Kim Kardashian, Carrie Underwood, Jake Gyllenhaal, Jessica Biel, Justin Timberlake, Katie Holmes, Jessica Alba, Katie Couric, Nina Agdal and Juliette Lewis — well, it’s good enough for us. This indoor bootcamp-style class can deliver up to an incredible 1,000-calorie-burn per hour workout.

$30 per class, 1835 Purdy Ave., Miami Beach and 3250 NE 1st Ave., Midtown; (786) 888-1699;

Ahana Yoga

Get downward, dogs. Get flexy (and ultimately, sexy) at this well-designed yoga studio in the Design District. From beginners to pros to even kiddos, Ahana Yoga offers five different class types in order to cater to all kinds of yogis.

Buff beach bod aside, Owner Dawn Feinberg says, “Yoga creates a buffer between reacting and responding to events, people, thoughts and actions that arise in your life. People’s true nature is one of bliss and happiness and we just need a roadmap back to that place. Yoga holds the key. That’s what we do! Through a series of poses linked with breath, we sweat, move and get back to a state of total happiness.” #ZenSational

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$25 per class or 10 classes for $180, 3806 NE 1st Avenue, Design District;

3806 NE 1st Avenue, Design District