Miami Swim Week Best Bathing Suits From Friday

The second day of Miami Swim Week brought at array of simple pieces, some lingerie, a few prints and more hippie trends. Swim seems to be transitioning into catering to all body types and ages – even on the runway!

Here are 9 of our favorite looks from the July 15 shows:

We watched:

  • Hammock
  • VIX Swim
  • Robb & Lulu
  • Frankie’s Bikinis

Show: Hammock
Style: Deep-V criss cross one-piece 
Why we love it: The contrast of nautical and feminine makes this swimsuit fun and flirty. The pink anchors with floral pattern on top of the horizontal stripes reflects girly yet eye-catching.

Style: High-rise bottom, two-strap lingerie 
Why we love it: It’s so sexy! This orange lace number is delicate and perfectly appropriate for summer and fall. The long-sleeve kimono adds an extra edge, making the duo perfect for walking around the hotel room while on vacation. If you need to go out, throw on some shorts, and leave the kimono on.

Style: Tie-around the waist one piece
Why we love it: The black with floral print is elegant and pretty. The fact that it ties around the waist and not the neck makes it different and a lot easier and more comfortable to tighten when it is being worn at the beach or a pool. 

Show: VIX Swim
Style: Zebralicious unikini
Why we love it: This swimwuit links two styles of black and beige zebra-print with a burgundy and deep orange strap down the middle of the waist. It’s not minimal, but it is attractive and one of the best pieces of the VIX collection. 

Show: VIX Swim
Style: Geometric-shaped one-piece 
Why we love it: It’s super creative and over-the-top. A black and white incongruently dotted print, with a combination of three thick straps, perfectly shaped and sewn together to form two triangles at the front of the suit. Top that off with a side belt-style tie at the waist. It doesn’t look like something comfortable to go swimming in, and not only is this an entire geometry class  in one suit, but it perfectly fits someone who wants to stand out at a yacht party.

Show: Robb & Lulu
Style: Surfergirl Barbie
Why we love it: Because what about the surfers? This very colorfully pastel-printed number could very well make any girly-girl want to put it on and hit the waves. It’s comfortable, it’s simple to put on, and it makes the perfect piece for someone who is actually super active at the beach. 

Show: Robb & Lulu
Style: Patched strapless bikini
Why we love it: Patches are in! Though the color-block trend is eveyrwhere, this doesn’t stop us from thinking this is a cute bikini for the girl who always likes to wear what is currently a-la-mode. 

Show:Robb & Lulu
Style: Monotoned, high-neck two-piece 
Why we love it: For the minimalistic girl that likes to wear something different but not too dramatic. The fucsia-toned bikini has certain small cuts on the high-waisted bottom, adding detail to the simplicity of the suit, and the top is conservative but fun with a zig-zag tie in the back. 

Show: Frankie’s Bikinis
Style: High-neck top, bikini. 
Why we love it: We all love a little black bikini just as much as a little black dress! This style is chic, modern, a bit bohemian and stylish. This is what you see all the cute instagram models wearing to coachella with some high-waisted shorts and a scarf wrapped around their head. 

Photos by: Carla Trivino |