Miami Soul on the Scene: Girl's Beauty Suite – A Fibroid Awareness Event

Everything a woman loves was under one roof at the Girl’s Beauty Suite held on Saturday, May 31st in Midtown Miami – health, beauty, and wellness – but the main focus of the event was to bring awareness to and educate women on uterine fibroids and treatment options. From complimentary massages and hair touch ups to mini beauty services and plenty of sweet treats, the Girl’s Beauty Suite was a fun-filled day for women to relax and enjoy and also get educated on fibroids and how it affects a woman’s body and overall quality of life. Led by Dr. Adam Geronemus, Fibroid Center Associate Medical Director, and supported by ask4UFE, the fibroid health chat was an opportunity for women to understand fibroids, ask questions, and address common myths.

Recently, fibroids gained the national spotlight on TV, but that was not until one of the reality TV housewives revealed that she had been suffering with fibroids and that it was affecting her quality of life, sex life, and even marriage. That episode created a lot of chatter around fibroids that probably had not occurred on a national level before, but the truth is that fibroids is a health issue that many women have in common and don’t even know it, and many women suffer silently. In fact, one in three women under 50 have fibroids, and it disproportionately affects African-American women for some unknown reason. At the Girl’s Beauty Suite, Dr. Geronemus helped the women to understand the symptoms and health issues that may indicate that they have fibroids, including anemia, heavy and/or prolonged menstrual cycles, an enlarged belly, pain or bleeding during intercourse, constipation or bloating, and frequent urination.

The fibroid health chat also dispelled the belief that a hysterectomy was the only treatment for fibroids and provided information on minimally invasive treatments and procedures that allowed the women to preserve her uterus. Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE) works by blocking the blood supply to the fibroid, causing them to shrink, but this procedure is not ideal for women who want to have children. Myomectomy is the surgical removal of the fibroid and is ideal for women who want to have children, but the fibroids may grow back and recovery time is longer. Hormonal therapy is also a treatment option for the symptoms of fibroids but it doesn’t treat the fibroids and the symptoms may return once the drugs are stopped.

The Girl’s Beauty Suite was a fun way to get valuable health information while also enjoying complimentary mini pampering sessions. More information about fibroids is available at, and as an expert on the UFE procedure, Dr. Adam Geronemus can be contact for a consultation at (786) 662-8602.


Dr. Adam Geronemus answering questions about fibroids.

Attendees of the Girl’s Beauty Suite: A Fibroid Awareness Event

Beauty Schools of America providing complimentary hair touch ups to attendees

Attendees of the event.

Dr. Myles Starkman offering spine and posture analysis to guest

Oasis Chiropractic Center offering complimentary massages and brain spa