Miami Soul giveaway: Two pairs of tickets to swim with the dolphins at Miami Seaquarium

It’s hot, humid, sticky, and did I say hot? That’s what Miami summers are known for. So to help you cool off, do something different, and get some adventure in at the same time, we’re giving away two different pairs of passes to the Miami Seaquarium. The first pair is for the Sea Trek Reef Encounter and the second is the Dolphin Odyssey to swim with the dolphins. Well, you won’t actually swim with the dolphins, but you’ll get in the water and even get to kiss the dolphin if that’s what you like.

So here’s what you have to do to be one of the lucky winners. There’s two different trivia questions for two different winners. Once the first question is answered correctly, a second question will be posted for another chance at winner. The winner is the first to answer correctly. Post your response in the comment section of this article and like this article.

Question #1: How long does Lolita the Killer Whale measure, and how many pounds does she weigh? You must answer both parts of the question correctly in order to win.

Since we already have our winner for Question #1, the first person to answer Question #2 will win the final pair of passes.

Question #2: What is another name for the sea creature at the Seaquarium named Tursiops Truncatus? 


Sea Trek Reef Encounter
Ever been scuba diving or snorkeling? The Sea Trek Reef Encounter will get you very close to the real experience. With your dive helmet on, this awesome experience takes you on a 20 minute journey in the Seaquarium’s 300,000 gallon tropical reef where you’ll encounter tropical fish, sting rays, and plenty of sea creatures. You’ll also enjoy a full day of shows and exhibits at the Miami Seaquarium.

Dolphin Odyssey
No, you won’t be able to ride Flipper, but you can create your own adventure by putting on a wetsuits and getting in the water with the dolphin for a 30 minute experience. Get a kiss, handshake, belly rub, feed the dolphin, or even get a selfie with your new friend. It’ll be an experience that most of your Facebook friends have never done, and you’ll be the star of the day. With your experience you’ll also enjoy a full day of shows and exhibits at the Miami Seaquarium.

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