Miami on the brink of nuclear annihilation

Good bye Lenin!

Tonight through Sunday, the Wolfsonian kicks off its fall film series with a look behind the iron curtain, examining Communism’s effect on cinema at a time when the world hung in the balance of mutually assured destruction.

Tonight, FIU film prof. Barbara Weitz gives a brief talk to set the historical context for the films and screens two documentaries: The Wall (no, not the Pink Floyd flick), a short propaganda film detailing the construction of the Berlin Wall and how it immediately impacted those living on either side and Videograms of a Revolution, about the ten-day fall of Romanian leader Nicolai Ceausescu in 1989.

Kolya, Blind Chance and Good By Lenin! screen on successive days. Click here to read capsules, get screening times, prices and details.

Also check out the Good Bye Lenin! trailer above. The film won a truckload of awards all over the world and is a brilliant comedy about a young East German man whose mother falls into a coma before the wall falls, and his attempts to shield her from the new realities of life after she awakes. 


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