Miami is Raising the Vibe this Fall

With the recent openings of countless yoga studios, juice shops, vegan restaurants, eco-friendly boutiques — there are some serious feel-good vibes flowing through Miami. Ja feel?

And come this October 15, 2016, the Modern Life festival will take this mindful mentality to the next level.

Join Modern ŌM and The Sacred Space Miami as they present Modern Life — a first-of-its-kind festival — offering diverse practices to help counter stress and information overload of the modern world.

The gist of the event? Festival-goers will not only learn how to cultivate conscious living in a high-vibration environment but will also have the opportunity to connect with like-minded doers. The highly curated program includes activities and workshops across meditation, music, art, fitness, food and technology lead by some of the most sought-after teachers in the world of mindfulness.

International speakers to include: Rockstar Shaman, Alyson Charles; Yogi and creator of The Sonic Butterfly Harp, Andrea Brook; Founder of 1111 Vibes, Andrew Clark; Founder of Center of the Cyclone, Biet Simkin; MindBodyGreen meditation expert, Charlie Knoles; Founder of Creative Insight Journey and life coach, Jennifer Grace; and Founder of Skanda, Ken von Roenn.

Tickets start at $49 and can be purchased here.