Miami-Friendly Tunics, Pants and More

A glimpse at the Beloved Star collection will have you dreaming of the sea, sun and sand. The new line of tunics, kaftans, blouses, jumpsuits and dhoti pants designed by Priya Scroggins are unequivocally Miami friendly — from day to night. We chat up New York-based Scroggins on her sunny collection.

Why the name Beloved Star? My name, Priya, means “beloved star” in Sanskrit and I thought it’s befitting because the line is all resort wear and the sun is everyone’s favorite star!

You’ve got the beach chic look on lockdown, what materials do you work with? Many — we do beading, sequins, embroidery and the goal is to always use fabrics that fall beautifully on a woman and flow nicely in the tropical breeze.

Where do you draw inspiration? From resorts around the world, the stylish women, color and trends.

If you weren’t a designer, what would be plan B? Before deciding on this, I dabbled in many different industries, which helped pave the way for my current project. I am a creative director, a buyer and a CEO, so I think I have many hats to fill and if God should have a different calling for me, I’m sure it would be in the realm of creative…it’s in my blood!

It’s your day off…. what are you doing? Riding my new vintage-style candy apple red roadster bike.


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