Miami Film Fest Essentials

Films: With more than 100 films set to unspool over nine days, it can be a bit daunting trying to figure out what you should see. While there will be no shortage of shout outs on this site in the coming week for specific films, the reality is you’re probably going to be making decisions based off the capsules and – just as importantly – which film fits into your schedule. 

Fortunately, the fest has finally catapulted into the digital age and all the films are searchable on its website by country (that the film is from), category, and location. It’s a surprisingly simple and elegant little layout. See it here

Seminars: It’s not just about sitting in a dark room watching movies. If you are interested in how movies get made or making one yourself, there are seminars on everything from how to find financing and cinematography, to digital techniques and distribution. Check out the full list and buy tickets here

Tickets are $12, $11 seniors, $7 students but there are early bird and rush deals to be had. Click here for complete ticket info.

Locations: The early days – when every film screened at the Gusman – are long gone. While the majority of films still screen downtown, Regal South Beach, the Tower Theater, and the Cosford at UM screen films as well. For addresses, directions, parking info and seminar locations click here.  


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