Meet Robert Elias, a voice you won't forget

Robert Elias, the latest homeboy from the 305 trying to make it in the recording industry, has worked with the top of the Latin music food chain — Marc Antony, Luis Fonsi, Obie Bermudez and Chayanne.

He’s now touring with Don Omar “El Rey Del Reggaton.”

And on Chayanne’s new album, No hay imposibles (There Are No Impossiblities), Elias co-wrote the song El hombre que fui (The Man I Use To Be).  He also sings background vocals for Chayanne’s latest single Me enamore de ti (I Fell in Love With You) as well as album tracks Si tu no estas (If You’re Not There) and Me pierdo (I Lose Myself). The album is available on iTunes and has recently topped the Billboard and iTunes charts at number one.

Don’t be fooled. Elias is more than a background voice. He wrote, produced and sang has own single, Corazon en pedazos (Heart in Pieces), which is getting airplay on Latin radio station Romance 106. And his English-language song Over  is being sold on  iTunes.

No stranger to hard work and perseverance, Elias is commited to his music. After auditioning for American Idol four times – twice making it to semifinals – he never made it onto the show. He was also dropped by his record label.

” I never thought things would happen for me again,” he said. “Then I decided I wanted to be an artist who people can relate to. I want to make music that I love. Anything is possible. When you think you’re finished, that’s when you have to push the hardest. “I want to work hard, bust my ass performing, write songs. The way “real” artists used to do it.”

Elias didn’t make it on American Idol, but you can watch him in the documentary Havana Miami : Times are Changing, an original project coproduced by Arte, the French-German cultural channel, and co-produced by groups including the Knight Center for International Media at the University of Miami and Cuba’s Troqua Vision. The documentary follows the daily lives of young men and women from Havana and Miami over three months. The stories are told through two-minute long videos. The individual subjects (12 in all), were filmed by teams in Havana and Miami, and began airing Feb. 22 on


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